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About Us

Brent is a tactical thinker and out of the box manager and owner of Class One Disaster Recovery in Murray, Utah. His processes can change your company’s management, growth and value. If you are marketing to the same clients your competitors are Brent can show you how to change that game and win.

When you want to choose when, where and how to grow, Brent is here to teach you how to set the critical business processes in place to do just that. If you are tired of the ups and downs of traditional marketing you are in for a treat.

Brent is best known for his ability to simplify business into practical things you can do every day. He has been selling since he was 8 years old. He became known in his neighborhood as the door-to-door boy. His first business was started at age 10.

For the past 24 years Brent has dedicated his life to the cleaning and disaster repair industry. That may be said tongue in cheek because he is known among his peers as the man with more hobbies than fingers. He is often recognized for his ability to weave work into play. The bottom line is Brent hopes to help you have fun, grow your business and thrive in your market.

Spence Bowthorpe has pursued entrepreneurship, sales, banking, contracting, and owning a successful home remodeling enterprise.

In 2009, the planets aligned and Spence joined with Brent with a plan of providing incredible value to small business owners ready to pursue some of the greatest opportunities in the history of business.

Spence is a listener, a communicator, and an implementer.  He has an ability to get to the root of things and convey the right message.  If you’re looking for the right ideas and the right way to put them into practice, Spence is the contact you want to make.