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For Restoration Contractors:

The tools to build the marketing results you’re after

This powerful online application will provide you with:

  • Consistent positive interaction with agents and property managers.
  • Ways to create warm leads and a warm way in.
  • Something your marketers can rally behind and be proud of.
  • A 6-Step marketing system to actually measure your progress.
  • Massive distinction and differentiation from your competitors.
  • Commitment  from agents to refer all claims to your firm.

“If you want to get to the ‘real’ boss, you have to have ‘real’ information, not ‘product information.’   You have to have information that is valuable so that you can gain the interest of the ‘higher-level’ person in order to meet with you.”  — Jeffery Gitomer (See the ‘Gatekeeper’ video in our Video Library)

What is MyVideoToolbox?

MyVideoToolbox is a new technology tool that provides a way for insurance agents to email video messages to their insureds.  These videos teach homeowners how to prevent the most common causes of floods and fires and protect against other serious risks in their homes.  The video plays on a private web page with the agent’s logo, business card, and one-click links to the agent’s website, the social medias, and forwarding.

MyVideoToolbox provides agents with consistent positive interaction with their clients, opportunities to create fresh, warm leads, a creative way to reduce loss ratios, and ways to create so much value to the insured that they would never think of shopping for insurance elsewhere.

How do agents obtain MyVideoToolbox?

MyVideoToolbox is provided to the agent by their trusted Restoration Contractor.  They form an alliance to create synergy and incredible value for the insureds.

How do Restoration Contractors obtain MyVideoToolbox?

Contact Delta Business Solutions and we will train you in the 6-Step Marketing Progression and provide you with MyVideoToolbox along with full training and support.  We also provide twice monthly Roundtable meetings with our user group to train and share ideas.  Just want to talk about it?  Email spence@deltabiz.net… let’s talk!

Want to have a look?

Click here for a demonstration.