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Posted June 13th, 2010 by Spence Bowthorpe with No Comments

Okay, so I’m anti-branding.  I know, I know.  It’s the hottest buzz out there in the marketing ivory towers.  Take your little micro business and brand it like IBM or Sony or Johnson & Johnson.  Doesn’t work.  Nope.

Consider Mother Teresa.  What was her brand?

Consider Paris Hilton, what’s her brand?  (Don’t take too long on this one.)

Fact:  Whether you manage it or not, BRAND HAPPENS.

Want to know your Brand?  Listen to the market:  your customers, your prospects, your competitors.  Your Brand is communicated by the market.

You make a promise to your customer.  It’s called your ‘Brand Promise.’  Then you get a reputation for how well you fulfill that promise.


It’s that simple.  Want to change your brand?  Change your reputation.

It’s not about LOGO’s, brochures, new products, websites, marketing campaigns, or any of the other baloney we get bombarded with.

Change how you do business.  Keep your promises.

You’ll know you’re succeeding when your customer tells you your brand:

“Nobody else is doing this stuff.”

“Your competition, what they’re doing isn’t good enough anymore.”

“It’s a no brainer, of course we want to be involved with you.”

Mother Teresa didn’t have a logo or a sign or a brochure.  She just went about her work every day and kept her promises.  She constantly brought incredible value to everyone she touched.

What’s your brand?

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