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It’s Not the Hamburger

Posted August 13th, 2010 by Spence Bowthorpe with 1 Comment

Do you know anyone who can make a better hamburger than McDonald’s?  They sell hamburgers, right?  They’ve sold billions, right?  People go there every day to buy their world-class, delicious hamburgers.  I was there just the other day enjoying one of those tasty, succulent burgers that only McDonald’s can do best.

Wait a minute, everything I said above is true, except that McDonald’s hamburgers SUCK!  So why was I there?  Why does anybody go there?

Hint Number 1:  McDonald’s does NOT sell hamburgers.

More hints:  Why does McD’s put double-drive-throughs at many of their restaurants?  Why do they make such an effort to keep their restaurants clean, including the restrooms?  Why did they come up with the ‘Playland’ concept?  Why did I recently stop at McD’s in a small town to find T.V.’s, newspapers, magazines, and a comfortable atmosphere to sit and chat?  I could go on… why the uniforms, why the locations, why, why, why?  I thought they sold hamburgers?

It’s not the Hamburger.

Remember the ‘New Coke’?  It was better.  Blind taste tests proved that people preferred it over Pepsi.  Taste tests proved people preferred it over original coke!  One of the biggest product failures in history.

It’s not the product.

What do you sell?  I work at Class One Disaster Recovery.  I thought we sucked floods and restored fire damage.  NOT! Why does Class One produce prevention videos, are we in the video business?  Why do we perform a preliminary assessment for the insured?  Why do we call the Agent with the insured’s emotional concerns?  Why do we put so much effort into connecting the agent to his insured?  Why, why, why?  I thought we sucked floods?

The value you deliver to your customer is not your product.

Here’s a dose of reality:  Nothing about your product distinguishes you in the marketplace.  It’s true, get used to it.

What do you bring to them that gives them a competitive advantage?  What do you do to help them find new customers?  What do you do to create expectations and reality and deliver outstanding experiences to them and their clients?

Start thinking.  And get busy making some changes.

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Written by Spence Bowthorpe


September 16, 2010 at 7:54 pm


You are right on target with this. Anyone can sell a home, anyone can clean carpets and everyone can make burgers. It’s value partnered with the experience that gives the client confidence to use your service or product.

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