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The Black Hole of Relationship Marketing

Posted June 13th, 2010 by Spence Bowthorpe with No Comments

I’ve had people pat themselves on the back for their fantastic ‘relationship marketing.’  They are justifiably proud of the fact that their owner or ‘super sales rep’ gets out there and makes friends, establishes relationships, and gets the loyalty of numerous customers.  The charisma and social skills of the sales rep brings business in like crazy.  Wow.  What could be better?  How can we get all of the sales reps to do this?

One problem.  Someday the sales rep leaves.  Or the owner wants to step back from the daily selling and relationship-building.  The new guy, though competent, can’t maintain the relationships.  He says, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  Sales dwindle, relationships falter, loyalty flies out the window.

Question:  Is your marketing system built on a foundation of super relationship skills?  Fact:  That’s not going to last.

What would it take for your clients to say, “I’d have to be crazy not to do business with [your company]!”  Are your ties with the customer built around relationships or are they built around bringing such incredible value to the customer that they say, “It’s a no-brainer.  Why would I do business anywhere else?”

Answer these two questions:   How would it affect my customer if we went out of business today?  If the answer is that there would be little affect, you aren’t providing enough value to sustain loyalty.   Next question:  Does doing business with us place our customers at a competitive advantage in their market?  A ‘yes’ answer to this question is powerful.  It means that their success is dependent on your success.  THEY’VE GOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU!

Imagine this:  clients anxious to see you!  Develop a marketing strategy where you have something that customers want (usually not your ‘product’), something that enhances their business and makes them more competitive, something that they can’t live without, something that prompts them to say, “I’d have to be crazy not to do business with you!”

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Written by Spence Bowthorpe


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